3 Mistakes You're Making With Your Skin!

The world of skincare is confusing, there is no doubt about it. It’s a maze of confusing words, complicated chemicals and clever marketing. Sometimes it can even be the simplest things that are doing unnecessary damage to your skin. Amidst this overcomplicated landscape, I find that avoiding these 3 no no’s will help to keep your skin health on the straight and narrow.


Finding skincare products and ingredients that will work with your skin type is essential because using the incorrect type can be damaging. There are four main categories of skin types; oily, combination, dry and normal. You will be able to decipher what category your skin fits into based on the feel and texture of your skin.

If you have oily skin and you’re using a product for someone with dry skin, you may find your skin resembles an oil slick or on the flip side someone with dry skin using products for someone who is oily may result in skin like the Sahara desert. Knowing your skin type will ensure you are getting the most from your products!


Makeup brushes are a silent offender when it comes to unhappy skin. If you are struggling with breakouts, the cleanliness of your brushes could be a major contributing factor. Without cleaning, bacteria is left to fester on brush bristles and every time you use them it just keep spreading more and more bacteria around your face! Save yourself the unnecessary and potentially problematic side effects of dirty brushes and deep clean them with soap and water once a week. If you are experiencing a particularly tricky time with your skin, it may even be worth spot cleaning brushes daily with a brush cleaner that can be picked up at most beauty stores.


Speaking of silent offenders… pillowcases. You think you’re getting your beauty sleep but you’re actually getting a nightmare sleep! Generally, you will rest your face on these pieces of fabric for 6-10 hours per night which will absorb dirt and oil from your skin and hair and transfer it back onto your skin during the night (lovely). Changing your pillowcase every few days will help keep your skin clean and healthy!  It is also important to use a pillowcase that won’t tug or cause micro-tears in your skin, to help avoid breakouts and premature aging. Investing in a pillowcase made out of silk could be one of the best things you do for your skin and hair long term!   

Written by @madelinegrice