Best Beauty Trends of 2019 so far!

Who doesn’t love a trend? In my humble opinion, I think Brittany and Justin in double denim at the American Music Awards may just be one of history’s most iconic images. 

These days, although the trends involve slightly less denim, I am still 100% behind them.

Put down your tweezers and matte foundation and pick up your MAC spice lip liner, here are our favourite beauty trends of 2019! 

The ’90s are back!


Bright eye-shadow and dark lipliner are back! In 2019 we are living our best Spice Girl fantasies, embracing colour and experimenting with hues in different ways. Whether you’re a Posh who gravitates towards dark eyes and a dark nude lip or a Baby who loves a pop of colour on the eye, there is something on-trend for you!

One of our favourites, Kim Kardashian, has recently revived the classic 90’s look in her new matte collection for KKW Beauty… and if Kimmy’s doing it, so can we!

Brushed up brows

Again, brows are trending but in a new and more natural way, think Cara Delevingne. The insta-brow was so 2017, 2019 is bringing back a more natural less maintained look. The brushed up brows are softer and less perfected than what we are used to seeing scrolling through our Instagram feeds. The more natural looking brow has well and truly cemented itself within the community of chic beauty bloggers and high-end makeup artists (that we so wish we were friends with). 

These brows can be achieved with no more than a thin eyebrow pencil and some soap (yep soap)! Wet the soap, cover a spoolie in the wet product and brush through your brows in an upward direction. Voila!

The Glow Up

Glowy skin is yet again trending in 2019. However, unlike times of the past, it’s less about the central focus on the cheeks and more about being able to achieve the golden glow all over. Make sure your skin is hydrated and dust some loose pigment highlighter over your collar bones, shoulders and front of your legs to emulate that glow!

We love what 2019 has given us so far and cannot wait to see what we have install for us as the year comes to a close. What are your favourite trends of 2019, and what do you think is coming in 2020?! We’d love to know!


Written by @madelinegrice