Emily Skye's Top Tanning Tips

I love being tanned, but certainly not at the risk of getting skin cancer or accelerating the aging process, so instead I fake it! I have been fake tanning for over 14 years and believe me I’ve tried them all, I’ve been orange, I’ve been green and I’ve be blotchy.

First things first the only product I trust is Loving Tan 2 Hour Express Tanning Mousse 🙌.  I love this tan because it’s fast, I love the shade and it stays on.

Here are my top tips to make sure I get a perfect tan every time!


Everyone KNOWS they should shower and exfoliate first, but sometimes we are so busy with our lives or binging Netflix we can forget to find the time to properly do it. But trust me to achieve the best results you need to get rid of the top layer of dead skin prior to applying your tan. Not only will your tan be less likely to become patchy, but it will also last longer on your skin!  


I always put a thick layer of moisturiser on areas that are typically quite dry such as elbows, knees, ankles, wrists, knuckles, feet & I do underarms also. I learnt this lesson the hard way, fake tan tends to cling to dry skin which means you can wake up the next day with VERY dark knee caps and trust me you don’t want that! I also use a light face moisturiser underneath if I am going to apply any tanning products to my face.   


I always use a fake tanning mitt, DO NOT use your hands, I repeat do not use your hands!! I like to start with my legs and work my way up my body. I put my tan on the mitt and then I apply to my body in circular motions. I always put the tan on my face with an old soft fluffy makeup brush to help it apply evenly.

Don’t forget to put a bit of tan on your ears, your neck and the back of the neck you’re your hairline!

After Application

I always wear dark PJ’s to bed if I have to sleep in my tan, otherwise I have a light shower with lukewarm water but don’t use soap. That way it continues to develop over the next few hours.

Making it last

Make sure to keep your skin really hydrated after tanning so you can prolong it as long as possible and have a healthy looking glow. I like to use a fragrance free moisturiser at least once a day all over my body. Making sure there is no fragrance in your tanning products is important because the alcohol in fragrance can make your tan dissolve quicker than it should!

Pro Tip – Contouring

Something new I’ve been doing is using the tan to contour the cheeks, jaw line and hair line. This definitely takes a bit of practice to perfect. You can also use tan to contour your tummy and thighs. I do this by putting more on the sides of the tummy to give the illusion of a slimmer waist and the inner thighs or any area you would like to make appear “smaller”.

Hack for breast-feeding Mums

I can’t count the amount of times Mia has wrecked my tan or ended up with tan all over her face because I’m breast feeding and she is hungry. But thankfully I found a solution! I grabbed one of Dec’s (my partner) old large tee shirts and cut out holes where my nipples are 😂Just make sure you don’t forget and accidently go to the grocery store!

Happy tanning xx

Written by @emilyskyefit