Know Your Skin Type

Do you know your skin type or having you just been guessing?
One of the most important but most commonly overlooked steps in maintaining a good skincare routine is knowing what skin type you have. Your ‘skin-type’ refers to the level of oil your skin naturally produces and it’s mainly decided by your genetics

Using products, that are designed to target the specific concerns your skin type will help you pick makeup, skincare and general ingredients that are going to perform the best for you.

Generally speaking there are three main skin types, oily, combination and dry. The skin types come with their own advantages and disadvantages. If you have oily skin, you will be prone to breakouts but will show less signs of aging. If you have dry skin your less likely to experience problems with breakouts however you will be more likely to show signs of aging. If you have combination skin you can potentially have problems with breakouts and can show signs of aging but they won’t be extreme.

The easiest way to tell what skin type you have, is just by looking at it and taking note of its features.

Oily skin:

  • Medium/Large Pores
  • Shiny, thicker skin
  • Prone to Acne and Congestion
  • Muddy Complexion

Combination Skin:

  • Medium sized pores
  • Glowy Complexion
  • Possible de-hydrated/breakout prone areas
  • Dry cheek

Dry Skin:

  • Small/invisible pores
  • Matte/ thin looking skin
  • Possible flakiness and broken capillaries
  • Duller complexion

The good news is, once you know your skin type, it is easy to find ingredients in skincare and makeup that are going to work the best for you! If you would be interested in a blog about particular products that would work for specific skin types let us know!

Written by @madelinegrice