We have some exciting new members of the James Cosmetics family to introduce! Our Repair Eye-Mask with Beta-Carotene and 24k Gold Collagen Crystal Forehead and Smile Lines Masks have finally arrived and we couldn’t be more excited!

First cab off the rank is the Repair Eye Mask. This mask joins our Restore and Prepare Eye Mask’s in the James Cosmetics family of retinol products. It is designed to heal and rejuvenate your undereye area, giving it a boost of hydration and nourishment while the retinol works to rewind the clock!

Beta-carotene is the hero ingredient in the new Repair Eye Masks. Found in vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes, it is high in vitamin A and a powerful anti-oxidant. This is an ingredient you want in your skincare arsenal! Vitamin A is a mighty anti-aging ingredient and the anti-oxidants work to repair damage caused by free radicals. In less scientific terms, they bring your under-eye area back to life and will have people asking you if you’ve been on a long relaxing holiday because you look so awake and refreshed! If you feel like your eyes could use some extra TLC… these are the masks for you!

We all know how much everyone loves our 24k Gold Collagen Crystal Masks so we thought we should extend the range into even more products that we know you will love! Our new Forehead and Smile Line Masks are game changers and I know that the team at James Cosmetics couldn’t live without them anymore! Not only are they incredible at boosting hydration and reducing fine lines, but they also help to create the perfect base for makeup by plumping and soothing the skin. Bonus…if you struggle with headaches, give Courtney’s hack a try and pop your Forehead Mask in the fridge before you apply it for a soothing effect!

We have so many exciting things in store over the next few months and we cannot wait to share them with you! If you have tried some of our new products don’t forget to let us know what you think by leaving us a review and tag us on Instagram (@james_cosmetics) with any pictures!


Written by @madelinegrice