Our Top 3 Skincare Tips!

When it comes to skincare, I'm a little extra! I have about 10 steps in my skincare routine (it’s all very necessary and not at all boujee). I’ve tried it all – from the cheapest to the most expensive products on the market, and all the skincare fads in between! After all my trial and error, I’ve put together my top 3 skincare tips for you today!

Tip 1: Double Trouble

If you think one cleanse is removing all the layers of makeup, SPF, skincare and dirt from your face, I have news for you! Double cleansing is a life changer and will really help remove any dead skin cells and impurities especially in your pores!

Double cleansing basically just means that you clean your face twice, straight after one another. Usually the first cleans is with something more heavy duty to remove makeup and then the second cleans is something more nourishing. 

Let me tell you why I love it (besides super glowy and clean skin). In the morning a double cleanse really freshens me up for the day and creates a perfect base for your makeup! Yes, super clean skin will help your makeup sit nicer on your skin! At night, the idea of going to sleep with bacteria and pollution potentially still on my skin from the day causes me stress (and will cause ageing and breakouts which I’m just not about).

Side note: If you haven’t discovered micellar water yet as an additional must have step in your skincare routine, you’re truly missing out on a lifechanging experience!

Tip 2: Take it to the tits

Yes, Caroline Hirons said it best and yes this is exactly what you’re thinking! I don’t take mine all the way down to my tits but it’s so important that you’re not neglecting your neck and décolletage area when doing your skincare routine! The skin on your neck is actually quite thin and therefore loses elasticity quicker creating that saggy neck look (which we of course want to avoid for as long as we can).

Exfoliating and moisturising your neck will play a huge role in putting off said sagging and keep you looking young and tight necked for longer! Another important step to take on your neck is ensuring your keep it protected from the sun and therefore bringing your SPF down just like the rest of your skincare!

Tip 3: Adapt adapt adapt!  

There are so many factors that may change your skin type and an important part of this, is changing your skincare routine! Moving cities or countries, a change in your diet or even just ageing can all change your skin type from oily to dry, dry to oily or make you a combination gal or guy!

Knowing that your skin type has changed is super important because the last thing you want to be doing is using products for oily skin on your new dry skin (that is a nightmare)! Adapting your skin care to your skin type as it changes is one of my favourite tips because what’s the point of the 10 step skincare routine if it’s not the right steps for your skin type?!

So there you have it folks – my top 3 skincare tips.

Written by @courtneymangan