Red Carpet Ready Skin!

Are you ready for your close up?
I was once told your skin is 90% of your selfie… and ain’t that the truth!

Our skin is our bodies largest organ and the majority of it sits below your neck. It’s important to maintain healthy skin on our entire bodies. Lucky for us, its slightly less complex than a facial beauty routine and can even make up part of a nice pamper session! I take you through the simple things you can do at home to get your skin red carpet ready.


Regular exfoliation works to removes the top layer of dead skin cells, leaving nothing but smooth, soft skin. Exfoliating can be as easy as using an exfoliating mit daily, to using a coffee scrub one to three times a week. It’s also important this is the first step in any body care routine as it will leave your skin in perfect condition for the next steps!   


Dry brushing is exactly what it sounds like. It involves brushing your skin with a dry brush in circular motions towards your heart. This technique of exfoliation not only gives you super soft skin, it also aids in lymphatic support, cleans pores and helps to reduce cellulite. The body does its best detoxing overnight, so it's best to do any dry brushing in the morning, to get rid of any extra nasties that are lingering from the night before. As a bonus, some people even say it increases energy levels so you can cut back from 4 coffees a day to just 3 (… anyone else or is that just me).


Hair removal is a completely personal decision and it’s important to do whatever is going to make you feel the most comfortable. If you are someone that prefers to remove body hair, there are a few routes you can go down. Shaving is great for people with lighter hair. Best done with shaving foam that will not only moisturise the skin but also help ensure you don’t miss any areas, it’s a quick, easy and cost effective approach to hair removal. At home wax systems are also popular for those who prefer a longer lasting solution and for something even more permanent, professional and at home laser treatments work to stop the growth of hair all together!


You can’t go past moisturiser if you are looking to give your skin a silky finish. In the summer it's nice to stick to something with a lighter consistency so you aren’t left feeling sticky in the heat. In winter something with a thicker consistency will help to protect your skin against the cold climate and constantly changing temperatures (When it's freezing outside and one million degrees inside any building you’re in).

We only get one body so it’s important that we look after what we have!

Good luck! 


Written by @madelinegrice