Tricks to help with difficult skin!

In a world full of glowy products, it’s tough being a guy or gal with oily skin! All the pretty products used by your favourite bloggers and splashed across the pages of your favourite magazines seem to be designed to make matters worse, when you are doing all that you can to keep your shiny skin at bay.

While there are perks to having an oily skin type (hello anti-aging benefits) it’s definitely one of the more troublesome skin types. Managing oily skin takes time, skill, practice and a lot of asking yourself if the product you're holding in your hands is going to have you shining like the top of the Chrysler building by 11am.

With oily skin it is important that you are managing it from the ground up. By that, I mean ensuring that your skincare regime is one that matches your skin type. 

For oily skin, look for products that contain ingredients that won’t clog your skin. Mineral oil and silicones are big no no’s for anyone struggling with oily skin. They can clog the pores and cause breakouts.

Try and look for products that contain kaolin clay, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. All of which will help control and absorb oils, hydrate the skin (yep oily skin gets dehydrated too) and ensure your skin remains clean and breakout free.

Now this next tip may seem controversial, but.. if you are struggling with oily skin, putting skincare oils on your skin can help control the natural production of oil. Rosehip oil is a great option for oily skin as it contains nutrients that those with oily skin often lack naturally. 

After skincare, the makeup you use will have a major impact on how your skin copes throughout the day.

If you have oily skin, step far away from anything that promises to deliver dewy, luminous results, I promise.. you will not have a fun time. 

Instead direct your attention to foundations that promise to keep you matte. The good news is you aren’t destined to living in lack lustre flat looking skin, no no no. The matte formula and your naturally glowy skin will work together beautifully to give you a nice satin finish. Alternatively, if you are after a more matte vibe or you need your makeup to last for as long as possible, powder is your new best friend. 

‘Baking’ is a trend that took over Instagram and YouTube in the beauty space. Originally pioneered by drag queens, this technique involves putting a thicker layer of powder on the skin in particularly oily or crease prone areas, letting it ‘bake’ for 10 minutes and wiping off the excess. This little hack is great for events and days when your makeup needs to work hard but I wouldn’t recommend it for everyday as it can clog pores. Mattifying setting sprays are also a great way to help lock down your makeup and can be slightly less damaging than baking.

When you’re out and about it’s important to carry the right kind of ‘equipment’ to keep shine free. Personally, I am a big fan of blotting papers. They don’t add any extra product to your skin which means you aren’t left with a cakey finish.

Powders do have their place though! Heavy duty touch-ups can be done with both blotting papers and powders. Blot away excess oil first so it doesn’t become trapped underneath the powder and then touch up as necessary! For big events I would even go as far as to recommend brining a mini setting spray with you. A post powder step that will help settle any powder.

It’s a glowy world out there, but with these tips I hope you can embrace and manage your oily skin! 


Written by @madelinegrice