What are Microdermabrasion's all about?

Who doesn’t love a facial? The feeling of walking out of a salon feeling fresh and clean.. you can’t beat it! One of our favourite in salon treatments to give us that good and fresh feeling is Microdermabrasion! Microdermabrasion is a type of facial that can make you feel totally new again, but what exactly is it?

Microdermabrasion’s or ‘microderms’ as they’re known amongst its fans, is an exfoliation facial that works gently removing the outer layer of skin to reveal the fresh, healthy skin underneath. Less aggressive than a traditional dermabrasion, it can be done without having to numb the skin.

These treatments work wonders in improving the tone and texture of your skin, treating large pores, fine lines and acne scarring.

Traditionally there are 3 types of microdermabrasion’s, crystal, hydro and diamond.

Crystal microdermabrasion uses a tool to spray crystals onto the face while at the same time sucking away dead skin cells.  

Hydro-dermabrasions replace the use of crystals with a pressurised flow of water. Some facialists will even be able to offer different types of water (saline, distilled or even vitamin infused).

Diamond tip microdermabrasion’s are a great option if you are suffering from acne or any skin sensitivity because they are able to sterilize the equipment at high temperatures and are delicate enough to get close to the eye area.  

Typically a microdermabrasion treatment will involve a double cleanse, potentially a gentle enzymatic exfoliation before your facialist uses the microdermabrasion tool on your face.   

They have taken the world by storm and continue to grow a legion of loyal followers because of its fantastic results. Have you tried microdermabrasion’s or do you think you’ll give it a go? We’d love to know! 

Written by @madelinegrice