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The Wand
The Wand
The Wand
The Wand
The Wand

The Wand

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Introducing, The Wand. A 24k Gold vibrating T-Bar designed to enhance the benefits of the James Essentials and Mask range. At 6000 vibrations per minute, this revolutionary device will enhance blood circulation, promote lifting and help serums penetrate deeper into the skin. Use The Wand for 3 minutes daily as a luxurious in-home pampering session alongside your existing skincare routine.

Facial Massage

The Wand vibrates at 6000 times a minute to massage your skin and help boost collagen production.

Facial Massage

Lymphatic Drainage

Helping with any build-up of fluid, The Wand’s vibrations assist in contouring the face and to help improve circulation and dullness.

Lymphatic drainage

24K Gold

Made with 24k Gold which is known for its hygienic antimicrobial properties plus anti-inflammatory benefits to help with puffiness.


Skincare Enhancer

The Wand helps your serums and moisturisers penetrate deeper into your skin, therefore helping to make your skincare routine more effective.

Skincare Enhancer


  1. Apply 'The Holy Grail 24k Gold Serum'.
  2. Turn your device on by twisting the base until it vibrates.
  3. Hold The Wand at the base.
  4. Gently place the T-Bar end on your face and without much pressure, glide outwards from the centre of your face, always moving upwards.
  5. Also use on your neck with the same upwards and out motion.
  6. Work section by section.
  7. Use the points on the end of the T-Bar to treat smaller areas around your nose.
  8. Use The Wand for up to 3 minutes daily for best results. Note, vibration intensity will vary based on usage time.
  9. Finish your skincare routine with your 'Gelous Gel Moisturiser', and a final spritz of the 'Glow Up 24k Rose Gold Facial Mist'.
  10. After use, clean The Wand with a soft cloth.

- Do not use directly on the eyelid.
- Keep out of reach of children.
- Battery included.
- 'The Holy Grail 24k Gold Serum', 'Gelous Moisturiser' and 'Glow Up Facial Mist' products not included, but available for purchase through this site.